Getting a license to be a brewery — in our case, a type-23 “small beer manufacturer” — was an interesting exercise.

Everyone from the ABC (state licensing agency) was totally cool & helpful.  Same thing with the TTB (the tax-arm of the BATF, from whom one gets their federal license — “The Revenuers” 🙂 )  But the forms themselves…  Well, let’s just say that they don’t appear designed with The Little Guy in mind.

All that said, we got through it — the fingerprinting, the financial statements, the background checks, the zoning, the planning, the revised planning, the exceptions & exemptions — and got the license(s).  First the federal* then, a few weeks later, the state**.

Now the real fun begins!   🙂


* “Brewer’s Notice” from TTB, the tax-branch of the BATF.
** Type-23 permit from California ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control).

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