Pretty Purple Porter

Just did a quick taste test — you know, for quality assurance purposes…<ahem!> — of our P5 Porter recipe, dubbed Pretty Purple Porter.

Man!, that is some fine stuff!

I’m tempted not to sell it and just drink the whole batch myself, but the whole thing about going pro is that we can make more if we need to.  I just need to resist the temptation to muck with the recipe again.

Btw, it’s not actually purple; it’s just (a) so delicious it makes you think “Mmmm, pretty!” and (b) we put purple caps on the taste testers that we send out to new customers.  Hence, “Pretty Purple Porter”.

P.S.  To make room in the fridge, Mrs. ManyFriends and I shared a pair of* 22oz-ers of the P3 rev.  Still plenty good, but P5… whoa!

* Yeah, you see what I did, there…  🙂

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