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What Kinds of Beer Do You Make?

Over time, we expect to be making all sorts of beers; we enjoy the chemistry and experimenting with new recipes. For now, we’re focusing on beers that we like: crisp blonde- and pale-ales, porters, maybe a stout or two. We’re not a big fan of sours and flavored beers, but recognize that they’re trendy, and everything’s not all about what just we like — our ManyFriends include all sorts of folk with a variety of tastes and we’ll do what we can to make top-notch beers to serve all of them!  But, since they’re not really our thing, we might have to rely on others (wink, wink) to do our taste-testing for us.

We’ve also got a pretty decent hard root-beer recipe, though that still needs a little adjusting before it’s ready to share. We’ve also got plans on some ciders and meads, and we’re going to see if we can’t make a gluten-free beer that’s worthy of the name “beer”. We’ll have to see how that goes.

The future is bright, though — and incredibly long — and there’s a lot of things to try, so who knows where this grand adventure might take us!

EDIT: We learned since posting this that our license does not cover cider or mead, so those delicious recipes will remain in the homebrew kitchen, served only at private parties.  Maybe someday we’ll add those licenses.


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