We’re still here!

I guess I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit; we’ve been busy streamlining our processes and ramping up production…

Wait. I’m getting ahead of myself.

In early February, we did the San Jose Beer Walk. It was great fun, we learned a lot, and we met a ton of great people! I also poured about 400 beers in 3 hours, and talked almost non-stop — telling our story to beer walkers and answering questions — the entire time. It was wonderfully exhausting!

One of the things we learned that day was: people really like our beer! We got a lot of compliments along the lines of “no, I’m not kidding! I mean, there are some pretty good beers on this walk, but this <raising a glass of ManyFriends beer> THIS is really good stuff! <slurp!>” That’s a nice feeling. One of the other things that we learned is that The Big Boys are looking to move a fair bit of beer. Along the lines of a 1/2bbl or more of any given brand+style a week. As a tiny little nano-brewery just getting started, that’s actually above our production capacity!

So, pretty much everything since that day has been centered around streamlining our processes (including a bit of re-organization of the beer-barn, where the brewery-proper lives) and working toward being able to support more throughput.

More beer! 🙂

Funny thing: We started this as a sort of bootstrap operation. I still have a full time job and have been building things up slowly, learning along the way. And I’ve been focusing most of my efforts prior to Beer Walk on local “mom & pop” places, small, family-owned businesses that could buy a few cases of beer to help get our name out but not stretch our ability to maintain the Premium Hand Crafted quality that I think is critical to our business. And that’s all great, and it’s been going well and I’ve been meeting a lot of great people — but the beer walk showed us that, when we’re ready to serve them, The Public is ready to welcome our beer. That’s a nice feeling, too. 🙂

Anyway… Among all this happening, I realized that I hadn’t updated the blog in quite a while (almost all of my progress-posting has been on Facebook — check it out!), so I wanted to drop a note here to let everyone* know that we’re still at it. Just been busy trying to grow things to better serve our ManyFriends.

*Both of you. 😉

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