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More Beers!

We’ve been adding more beers to our lineup!

There are, of course, about a gazillion different styles of beers, especially if we account for all the variations within any given style. And making a particular beer isn’t all that difficult — assuming one is conscientious about keeping everything super clean & sanitized and follows the process closely — but finding or designing a good base recipe, then tweaking it until it’s just so and something we can be proud to put our name on, well, that can take a few iterations.

From the time we mill the grain until the time we have beer — well, it depends on how you count. Technically, it’s “beer” after somewhere between 3 days and a week. Most of our beers are left in the fermentor for at least two weeks, then aged for between a couple of weeks and several months after that, depending on the style & recipe. But, at a bare minimum, it’s 2 weeks before we have something we can taste and iterate on and, once we start getting close, we want to be tasting the final product as it will go to the customer, so let’s call it a month. And then, if there’s something we want to adjust, it’s another month to check the result again.

All of this is just a long-winded way of saying that, to come up with a new product line that’s the quality we want and get it ready to ship to customers is something of a long-ish process. And we typically do our experiments in very small batches (5-15 gallons) so, even when we do achieve the final product, we’ve only got a few cases to send to customers as “taster packs” while we spend another month or so getting the new product into barrels.

And all of that is just lots-of-words as an excuse for why it’s been taking us so long to expand from our original couple of beers. Anyway…

The point of this post is to let y’all know that we’ve been expanding our line-up and now have a few more beers that we’re very happy with. We’ll keep adding more, but it’s slow-going.

As of this writing, our line-up includes (in order of genesis):

  • “Dirty” Blonde Ale. Our original, quite popular, light, “summer” ale.
  • “Jefferson” American Pale Ale. Solid, “all-American” beer.
  • “Pretty Purple” Porter (#5). My favorite iteration of my favorite style of beer.
  • “Sweetheart” Blonde Ale. A sweeter variation of the “Dirty” blonde.
  • “Pretty Purple” Porter Reserve. PPP#5, aged over bourbon soaked, toasted Hungarian oak. My new favorite. 🙂
  • “Leftenant Pepper’s” English IPA. Very English; a little peppery.
  • “Equinox” Hard Cider. Still in the experimentation phase. Our 1st batch was much-much too dry. This batch seems too sweet to me, but a lot of people like it. Next batch will likely be somewhere in between.

Head over to the main website for a brief descriptive write-up of each. Then head on over to your favorite place-with-a-bar and ask for some of that delicious ManyFriends brew. If your favorite place doesn’t carry us yet, put them in touch (contact info on the web site). If we hook up and they mention that you referred them, I’ll buy you a beer. 🙂


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