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Everything’s Coming Up Beer!

Beer is pretty popular — no real surprise there — the thing I wasn’t expecting, say, 10 years ago, is that the world’s marketers would try to capitalize on beer’s popularity and sell other products as if they were beer.

For example, water at many high-tech companies comes out of a beer-style tap — specifically a nitro tap — with 3 “taps”, one for chilled water, one for room temperature and one for sparking (chilled).

…And all that is fine, it’s just a bit funny the first time you see one, because it looks like the water machine was replaced with a kegerator.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that…” 🙂

Then there’s the “it’s just like beer!” trend in coffee. At my local coffee hole, you can get “blonde” coffee, “red” coffee and “stout” coffee (not to be confused with coffee stout!) — all served out of a nitro tap.

For a minute, I kind of half-wondered if we could ferment coffee, but I’m pretty sure there’s no sugar or starch to speak of and, hence, nothing to ferment. Plus, I was thinking it was too acidic to mash, but then we wouldn’t really mash coffee, just go straight to boil, and it’s less acidic than apple cider, which we make (and everyone loves!) I suppose if we added some cream & sugar (or, really, just sugar), we could probably make something.

…But fermentation would remove most of the sugar (unless we stopped it prematurely (or had a lot of sugar!)), so it would probably come out pretty horrible. That’s not even counting for the fact that I don’t really like coffee (unless it’s mixed 1 part to 5 with something sweet, like ice-cream or Kahlúa 😀 ) Maybe if we put in just barely enough malt so we wouldn’t feel guilty calling it “beer”, that could work. Not exactly Reinheitsgebot, but it could be a fun experiment. But I’m getting side-tracked!

THIS rant is about the growing trend of selling non-beer products dressed-up to look beer-ish. And, again, I’m not even certain that’s a horrible thing, it just seems odd the first time I see each new product that way, like “if I wanted something on nitro and stout-like to drink, why wouldn’t I just order a beer?!”

I guess it’s not even really a rant, just a thing I’ve been seeing more and more of that gives me a slight sense of “whut-huh-now…?!” But, I suppose that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so…

No real point here; just rambling. 🙂

Stay friendly, my thirsts!


2 thoughts on “Everything’s Coming Up Beer!

  1. Does this mean the Many Friends “nitro” experiment is off?


    1. Not at all! We haven’t had much time for trying new things, lately, but “same stout recipe, but on nitro” is definitely very high on our list. Besides, we’re making beer; beer is /supposed to be/ sold to look like beer! 🙂

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