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Weird Science!

Making beer involves steeping barely malt* to make a sort of malt-sugar tea — called wort — which is then cooked & fermented into beer. At the end, you have a mash tun full of spent grain** and there’s usually a bit of runoff — like when you pull the teabag out of your cup, except much-much bigger.

*And, typically, other grains.
** We give to local chicken owners and/or use for compost.

Mrs. ManyFriends likes to reduce the runoff and use it in cooking. The lighter worts (pale ales, IPAs, etc.) are a tasty substitute for anything that asks for chicken broth and the porters & stouts swap-in nicely for beef broth.

Today, the reduction stayed on the stove a bit too long and caramelized. What to do? Make Leftenant Papper’s English Peanut Brittle, of course! 😀 Given that it was a total mishap & on-the-spot experiment, it turned out pretty well! 🙂


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