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Building a Brewery

Building a brewery is interesting; there’s a lot of planning and budgeting and shopping — everything from big stainless steel tanks and brewhouses to pumps & hoses to barstools and tables to glassware, not to mention all the miscellaneous like cash register, bar rags, mop-bucket detergent, and on and on. It’s a fun process.

And then watching it all come together is fun too. The architects draw plans, we make adjustments, shuffle the equipment around on the drawings, re-arrange the space to make room for all those things that we shopped for earlier, etc.

Then there’s the waiting part — oh, the painful waiting*! Turns out that submitting to the city for permits is more than just drawing a floorplan of what you want to do. There’s all the specifications of what equipment will be on which electrical circuits (and showing how the breakers can all handle things). There’s the map of your new (and discontinued) plumbing, and showing how there are enough drains to handle all the load. (Making beer requires a fair bit of water. Luckily, the down-the-drain volume is on the order of a small restaurant, and most of that is for cleaning.) The plans have to show ADA access, fire egress, lighting, Title-24 energy efficiency compliance, and more! So, after the part where we approve the layout, there’s a bunch of waiting while the submission packet is created.

* It’s not really that bad; I just like to complain, sometimes**.
** Ok, all the time! Still… 🙂

That’s where we are now: at the “waiting for the packet to be ready to submit” part. The team is working on it but, in the mean time, I’ve done a little pre-demo work — took out a couple of existing counters and cleaned-up the floor tiles that were under them — and I’m about to experiment with some painting for the customer area walls, but this part is m mostly waiting for the submission packet.

Waiting is hard!
But, once we get permitted, construction should go quickly, and then we get to start making beer!

Btw, I do most of the “little updates” — the day-to-day stuff — on our Facebook page, so you can follow-along there. My intent for this blog is more of an “historic record” of bigger events. I’ll continue to try to post every month or so with progress, but it will always be largely a summary. Except when it’s all philosophical; that’s likely to happen sometimes, too.

Stay Friendly, my thirsts!


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