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Next Stop: World Takeover!

Brewery evolution is coming along; we’ve got a solid lineup of beers, the furnishings are starting to come together, flags-of-the-world is up. We have a decent routine, regulars, a flow, things are going well, business is growing and our big St. Patrick’s day whoop-dee-doo went very well.

It’s time to move to the Next Phase of Our Plan. 🙂

When people visit ManyFriends Brewing Company, often the first thing they notice is the beer-pub portion of the business — the “tasting room” for the “beer factory”. That’s somewhat intentional, as we want the front of the house to be homey, inviting, friendly, welcoming and fun. And, of course, there’s beer! (What could be more inviting, friendly, fun, etc?! 😉 ) However, as I’ve stated many times before, the beer — the ‘brewing company’ part — is just a way to pay the rent and support our true purpose, which centers more around the ‘ManyFriends’ part. We want to gather wonderful people together to enjoy each other but, more importantly, to build our “army” of do-gooders to go out and Make The World A Better Place For All.

In the past, ManyFriends’ focus has been on helping kids who don’t have all the privileges and benefits that we had — to give them a boost-up — and various things that improve the environment, making it more enjoyable to live in. These are still my favorite causes, and the ones toward which I try to nudge others. However, it’s not about me or my causes; if I intend to form a group to go into the world and make a difference (and I do! 🙂 ), then I’ll need to focus on causes that interest them. I’ve got ideas, of course, and my favorites, already mentioned, but our business goals are really quite flexible: Does it make the world a better place for others? Ok, then let’s do that!

So far, my focus at the brewery has been in getting things up & running smoothly, dealing with whatever comes up and learning more about my local community and resources. It’s only been five months, so I’m hardly expert but, also, it’s been five months! And things are running fairly smoothly, so I think we’re ready to shift gears.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be putting more energy into active community building — as differentiated from the passive “just be decent to everyone” style I’ve been doing so far — and start looking for solid deputy candidates and specific actions we can take toward The Cause. I want to try to land a couple of easy/little things, just to get The Pattern started. Your suggestions are welcomed. Your offers to help are even more welcomed! I will work to make it easy for all of us to do this! 🙂

We’re also hiring (check our Facebook for details). Having some help as we expand into the Summer months will definitely be key to kicking off The Next Phase.

Stay friendly, my thirsts!


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