Beer Styles Redux (new location)

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I think I’ve answered this before, but people keep asking, so I’ll say it again…

Q: What styles of beer will you have?

A: TL;DR: Lots of different ones, sometimes changing; what’s your favorite?

More words:

I’ve written a couple of blog posts about this.

Basically, we’ll have a set of “always on” taps; what I think of as “our standard set”; the beers that we’ve perfected over the years and are bringing the recipes to this new location:

  • Les Böhm Pilsner (limited availability[2])
  • Dirty Blonde Ale (what a lot of pils drinkers drink when pils isn’t available)
  • Jefferson American Pale Ale (a solid APA)
  • Leftenant Pepper’s English IPA (not as in your face as a west coast IPA, more old-world style)
  • Pretty Purple Porter (my personal favorite beer anywhere)
  • PPP-Reserve (limited availability[3])

After that, we’ve got 16 taps, and can add a few more in the form of kegerators, etc. Our plan is to dedicate a couple to our most recent experimentation, a few for seasonal beers, maybe 1 or 2 for “keg exchanges” with other breweries[4], etc. A couple of taps are nitro, so we can pour whatever we like through that.

What’s going to go in all those taps — what our seasonal choices are, what our experiments are, etc. — will be largely guided by y’all. Basically, come in & tell me how much you’d really love a good XYZ -style beer and, if enough people say the same thing, we’ll make a test batch and see if anyone drinks it. If enough folks do, maybe it’ll bump into the rotation.

I’m pretty sure that, at some point, I’ll need to make a good hefeweizen (wheat); I’ve got designs on a fun Belgian Dubble Ale that might become a frequent tap. I’m not a big fan but, at some point, I’m sure y’all are going to clamor for a sour, so we’ll do that. I’ve been trying to make a good glutten free beer, but haven’t come up with anything that I’d be happy to put our brand on, yet. That’s still in the works.

By my nature, I like to experiment and try new things and, to some extent, the weirder the better. But also, by nature, I like to have my “touchstones” that I know I can count on. Hence: a couple of dedicated taps of “good, old-fashioned, Premium Craft Beer” — if for no other reason than to wash out the taste of the failed experiments! 😃 — and then a bunch of “let’s try this and see what happens”.

I promise not to put anything on tap that isn’t worthy of the MFBC brand. If you stop in and express a leaning toward “the exciting life”, I might pull a bottle or can out from under the counter and ask you “taste this, tell me what you think”.

So, bottom line, we’ll have a little of everything. And it’ll be constantly changing. But, if you stick to our “always on” beers, at least they’ll always be there when you stop in. Or you can just live your “life in the fast lane” and roll the dice to see which tap you get. 😃


[1] [Footnote removed; replaced by links inline.]

[2] Pilsner is a lager, which is German for “storage” and, to make properly, takes about 6 months per batch[2a]. We’re not a huge outfit, so can’t really store oodles of aging kegs. Hence, we’ll have it when we have it.

[2a] Some people rush the process. I don’t. Taste tests on our most recent batch showed that it was darned-good after 5 months, peaked near 7 and was still good after 13 months, when we ran out.

[3] PPP-Reserve is our PPP, but aged in bourbon-soaked oak barrels. Again, this takes time & storage; hence, limited availability.

[4] I think. I still need to investigate how this idea interacts with our license.

[5] Did I miss a footnote? If so, I’ll come back & edit it later.

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